Awards & Criteria

To enter your little heroes, they must be between 3-10 years of age.

Tell us why you believe they deserve to win the Award and please give as much detail as possible (200 words max). Let us know why you are proud of them and why they should be celebrated as part of the PAW Patrol Little Heroes PAW Awards 2018.

The Awards



  • The Rubble Award for Overcoming Adversity

Has your little one been through adversity or trauma at an early age and overcome it showing the utmost strength Are they an inspiration to others through how they coped with it? We want to hear their story and how they managed to overcome such adversity despite their age. Tell us how proud you are of them and how their strength has changed you and your family’s life for the better.

  • The Skye Award for Outstanding Bravery

Has your little one shown outstanding bravery in the face of hardship? Did they put themselves in a difficult position to help others? Did they inspire others by their actions? We want to hear their story and how they acted with such bravery in a demanding situation. Tell us what that taught you about them and how it has changed your lives.

  • The Marshall Award for Unwavering Loyalty to Others

Has your little one shown a strong sense of loyalty to their family or friends? Have they shown unwavering support to those in need or shown utter determination in a tough situation? This Award celebrates the importance of loyalty and showing this to others around them so tell us your story.

  • The Rocky Award for Helping the Community

Has your little one gone over and above to help their local community? Have they spent their free time dedicated to community or local projects? Have they been an inspiration to the community around them? Tell us why your little patroller is a shining star of the community and how they have gone over and above for others.

  • The Chase Award for Leading by Example

Has your little one been a shining light and led by example? It could be amongst their peers at school or their friends. How have they shown leadership qualities and strength? Has it played a part in other people’s lives and how have they been affected? Just like Chase, tell us how your little one has led by example and why you are proud of them.

  • The Everest Award for Inspiring Friendship

Has your little one gone out of their way to help or support a friend or family member in need? Have they shown true friendship to someone else and touched their lives? Tell us how they were such a great friend to someone and how that friendship will forever continue.

  • The Zuma Award for showing Maturity Beyond their Years

Has your little one acted in a way that shows maturity beyond their years? Have they had to look after a family member who is unwell or found themselves in a tricky situation and behaved in a mature and calm manner? Tell us what they taught you about them and how it is affected or changed your life. Let us know how this has inspired you and others around you.

  • The Ryder Award for ‘PDSA Pet Hero of the Year’

Is your child a hero to pets, either their own or other? Have they helped care and nurse a sick or injured pet back to full health? Or helped an animal charity by fundraising or raising awareness? Do they champion pet welfare with their friends, family, school or community? Tell us how your child is a friend to pets of all shapes and sizes.

To be in with a chance to WIN an Award your little hero must be between 3-10 years of age and you need to tell us why you believe they deserve it.
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